Jib, initially named Hydrofy, is a Singapore brand founded in September 2020. Hydrofy offers a wide range of wellness products including shower heads, vitamin filters, alkaline drinking filters, air purifier, and many more. In June 2022, we became Singapore’s distributor of IONPOLIS Korea brand of shower products.

Hydrofy was incorporated as Coup 365 in July 2023 as an official entity, this strategic move is to conduct activities in a business-to-business environment to further expand our products not only in the residential market but also in the commercial market.

Subsequently, the brand Hydrofy has changed to Jib in January 2024. Jib “집” stands for home in Korea and we strive to supply high-quality Korea home products in the Singapore market. The rebranding was necessary as we do not limit ourselves to supplying only water and air related products, but also expand into other product categories.

We’ve been operating for over 3 years thanks to our solid support from our esteemed customers. Jib will continue to provide top notched services and high quality products .