Shower Filter User Manual


There are several installation points you can choose from:

  • Tap and mixer (recommended)
  • Instant water heater
  • Shower head (not recommended because it makes your shower head heavy)
  • Rain shower

It has a common thread connection of 20 mm size.

  1. Rotate anti-clockwise to remove shower hose, shower head or rain shower (depending on your installation point).
  2. Rotate clockwise to connect shower filter to the installation point.
  3. Rotate clockwise to connect the shower hose, shower head or rain shower to the shower filter.

Do note that you need to tighten the thread connection during installation to fully infuse your shower water with aroma and vitamin through the shower filter, and also prevent water leakage.

It may take also take a while for the shower water to soften the vitamin gel. Thereafter, you’ll start to smell the aroma from your shower water.


Generally, the shower filter will last about 2 months (a total of 7200L when shower 120L per day).

2.1 NOTE

Failing to replace filters on time will affect the filtration capabilities, aroma, and vitamin.


  1. Uninstall used shower filter.
  2. Install new shower filter.
  3. Dispose used shower filter.

For instructions on installation, see 1. INSTALLATION.

Do note that you need to tighten the thread connection and correctly position the o ring to prevent water leakage (if any). 


Should there be any water leakage from the shower filter, ensure that all the o rings have been inserted properly and whether it have been tightened and connected correctly. If the problem persists, kindly reach out to us.


Always install the shower filter in a correct water flow (or upright) position so the filtration, aroma, and vitamin can effectively take place.


Jib’s warranty covers goods defects and is subject to assessment approval. Defects do not include aesthetics and breakage or cracks due to the user dropping the product.