Warranty policy

Jib provides 3 months warranty for our products so you can buy with peace of mind.

It is also extendable for an additional 3 months from the initial 3 months if you drop us a review within the first 3 months period on our Google, Facebook, or website product reviews section.

This means a total of 6 months warranty will be provided, starting from the date the order was delivered.

For example, John received the goods in 11th November 2022, the 3 months warranty starts. He likes the product and dropped us a review on our Google profile after a week, his order is automatically extended to 6 months, ending in 11th May 2023.

Other scenarios:

  • If John did not review us within the first 3 months, his warranty will end in 11th February 2023.
  • If John review us after the first 3 months, his warranty will not be extended.

Our warranty covers goods defects and subject to assessment approval.

Defects include the product being faulty and were not caused by the user, despite trying to resolve by fixing it with our guidance and reading user manual. Remember to contact us before filling up the claim form at the bottom.

Aesthetic is not counted as a defect because it’ll not affect the product performance unless it would.

Should there be any failed warranty claims, the buyer must bear any shipping fees incurred.

Remember to read the user manual to rectify the issue and contact us before doing the warranty claim form submission.

For example, the claim progress goes:

  1. John has a faulty product and tries to resolve it by reading the user manual.
  2. Unable to solve by himself, John then contacted Jib for help.
  3. Still unable to resolve with Jib’s guidance, John proceeds to file for warranty claim.
  4. Jib will process the claim form and start an investigation.
  5. After investigating, John has successfully claimed the warranty and Jib will send over a new product.
  6. After investigating, John has failed the warranty claim and Jib will not send over a new product.
  7. After investigating, further product investigation and inspection are required.
  8. Jib will arrange a courier for the product pick up ($4.50 fee, not payable if the claim is successful).
  9. The faulty product have been picked up from John and sent to Jib.
  10. After inspecting and Jib trying to fix the faulty product, if it is indeed a defect, John has successfully claimed the warranty and Jib will send over a new product.
  11. After inspecting and Jib successfully fixed the product with information written on the user manual as well as Jib’s help conversation John has earlier initiated. John has failed the warranty claim because the product is not faulty and is required to pay another $4.50 courier fee (a total of $9). Upon successful payment of $9 courier fee, Jib will send over the fixed product. No self-collection.


  • Our warranty claim assessment is fair and we’ll provide reasons for failed claims.
  • Any courier fees incurred are paid to our courier vendor. We do not earn any courier fees.
  • As per T&C, we strictly do not refund orders.

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